Make Better Food on Camping Trips

eBook by Mikaela Ferguson

A comprehensive guide to meal planning and backcountry cooking on long canoe trips. Includes packing list, sample meal plan, food dehydration, nutrition, recipes and more.

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Mikaela has guided dozens of canoe trips since 2012, ranging from a few nights to four weeks in length. In her ebook, Mikaela shares best practices and guiding tips for meal planning and backcountry cooking on extended canoe trips.

“Great stuff. Takes hours of guess work out. Great time saver and good meals and for less than the price of a single freeze dried meal.”

Ted Baird, award-winning canoeist, winner of History Channel’s Alone Season 4

What’s Inside

A straightforward guide to help novice and intermediate canoe trippers prepare excellent food on long canoe trips. Over 60 pages, the guide includes:

  • How to build a nutritious meal plan that matches your canoe trip
  • Tips on packing, food storage and equipment, plus a sample packing list
  • How to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, sauces, ground beef and more
  • 35+ meal ideas & recipes
  • And more…
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Mikaela Ferguson

Mikaela was raised running on the granite rocks of the Canadian Shield and swimming in the dark waters of Georgian Bay. She spent five summers working as a canoeing and hiking guide in Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut, teaching youth and adults how to thrive in the wilderness.

At present she is the voice behind Voyageur Tripper, an outdoor adventure blog dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts take longer and harder camping trips. She continues to canoe as much as possible and is a board member for the Wilderness Canoe Association.


In addition to the sections listed above, The Voyageur’s Backcountry Cookbook also includes:

  • How to make bread in a Dutch oven
  • How to make the perfect cup of coffee over the fire
  • Sample meal plan
  • Leave-No-Trace dishes, bear hangs & more