10 Best Camping Cookbooks: Resources for Excellent Backcountry Meals

I am a firm believer in making great food on camping trips. After a long day, nothing lifts spirits like a warm bowl of something delicious. When I first started camping, bland rice and bean dishes were a staple (and I really disliked those first few trips). Boy, do I wish I’d had one of […]

Guide to Canoeing the Petawawa River (with Video)

I’ve just returned from a four day trip canoeing the Petawawa River, and let me tell you, that river does not disappoint. With tons of challenging (but manageable) sets of rapids and gorgeous scenery, this ~relatively~ untraveled pocket of Algonquin is a real treat. In this post I’ll go over the route we took, some […]

43 Essentials for a Road Trip (with Printable Road Trip Packing List!)

Glendhu Bay Motor Camp View

I am a sucker for a good road trip, whether it’s cruising down the ring road in Iceland or exploring the South Island of New Zealand. Although many of the things you pack for a road trip will be the same as what you’d pack for a regular vacation, there are a few road trip […]

25 Best Things to do in Victoria, BC + Travel Guide

Victoria, British Columbia is one of the most underrated cities in Canada. It’s got a vibrant waterfront, bustling downtown and foodie scene, and some excellent activities for outdoor lovers like myself. So there are plenty of fun things to do in Victoria whether you’re into history, nature or getting fancy. In this post you’ll find […]

Hiking in the Rain: 22 Tips to Stay Warm, Dry and Happy

I’m sure we’d all love to wave a magic wand and have excellent weather for every hike we ever attempted. But sadly Mother Nature doesn’t care about our plans, and the rain has got to fall. So if hiking in the rain is unavoidable, how can we make it an enjoyable experience? In this post […]

The Benefits of Lingering Longer in Unfamiliar Places

My first taste of independent travel was neither a coming-of-age summer spent in southern Europe nor a grad trip style backpacking journey through Southeast Asia. Many people wouldn’t even consider my going to Chicoutimi, Quebec as traveling in the first place. I didn’t leave my country, the total transit time was less than six hours, and […]

10 Best 2-Person Tents for Backpacking (2020 Guide & Reviews)

Hi friends! Talking about camping gear is one of my favourite activities, so I love it when people come to me for gear advice. This summer the Number 1 piece of gear I’ve been asked about is tents. Specifically, what is the best 2 person backpacking tent? Well, I figured I’d write a whole post […]

10 Essentials for Hiking and Camping: Explained

When you think of the 10 essential pieces of hiking gear, you probably think “backpack” and “hiking boots” would be a good start. But while these are definitely useful for hiking, technically you could do without them and still survive. The 10 Essentials for Hiking and Camping are known throughout the outdoor community and are […]

12 Best Day Hikes in South Island, New Zealand

gray suspension bridge

New Zealand hiking is some of the best in the world, and this is especially true when you step foot on the South Island. During the six months I was living in Dunedin, I never grew tired of the seemingly endless hiking trails on the South Island. While there are tons of multi-day hikes, in […]

Three Crazy Chance Encounters In A Not-So Big World

Hi friends – I’d like to briefly depart from the outdoor adventure content to tell you about the weirdly coincidental things that happened on my Europe trip three summers back. The world can feel really big sometimes – especially when you’re traveling on your own. But then there are moments that remind you how small […]

North of the Arctic Circle: A Look Inside a Remote Arctic Base Camp

Recently I went hunting on my hard drive in search of one particular photo. I found it buried in the incorrect folder (and untagged, unnamed – why do I do this to myself) so I’d been unable to search for it. But sometimes little inconveniences yield the best results. Because the folder in question contained […]

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