Whitewater kayaking, canoeing and rafting – what’s the difference?

Hello friends! Today I’m going to be addressing a question I often get asked: how is whitewater canoeing different than kayaking or rafting? I think what people are really asking is why someone would choose to canoe whitewater, as it’s the least popular among the other options. But I’d argue that each of the three […]

The most exciting trips are the ones that make you nervous

Hi everyone! I recently came across one of my very first blog posts. I guess at some point I’d taken it down because the post is about solo travel in Europe (and this blog is neither about solo travel nor Europe). That being said, upon looking at it again, I still think it relates to […]

Stranded in a forest without cell service (and all the road trip mistakes that led me to this point)

“Does the car seem to be swiveling a bit, or is that just me?” “Probably just the road, it isn’t the smoothest.” “Yeah but isn’t it making a weird noise too? I’m gonna pull over and check.” “Babe, I’m sure it’s fine, you’re just being paranoid.” But my boyfriend insisted we pull over. We were […]

How trip planning changes once you leave school and start full time work

Hi friends – as many of you already know, I graduated university not too long ago and have been working full time in Toronto for the last few months. With 2018 ending, I’m already planning my vacation days for 2019. Transitioning from student traveling (where you have lots of time, but a very limited budget) […]

Rocky Mountain Hikes: How to Maximize Mountains and Minimize Crowds

If you haven’t heard, the Canadian Rockies have been experiencing a moment of unprecedented popularity that is unlikely to stop anytime soon.  Of all visitors to Canadian National Parks, 40% of are to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park alone! So for those who have not visited the Rockies yet, how do you plan […]

One explorer’s advice to all the adventurous women outside

Hello friends! Our interview this week is with a seriously rad woman, Caroline Cote, an adventure filmmaker and photographer living in Montreal. Her past expeditions include paddling the Yukon River and cross country skiing in Antarctica. Her most recent trip took her to the northern Quebec & Labrador, where she documented three women run 100 […]

Expert Advice: A Beginner’s Guide to Epic Landscape Photography

Hello friends! As many of you already know, the aim behind this website is to give ordinary people the resources to add extraordinary adventure to their lives. For many, with outdoor adventure comes outdoor adventure and landscape photography. Wouldn’t we all like to level up our Instagram game or wow our friends and family back home? […]

Guide to Buying Beginner Hiking Boots

If you make one investment in your entire camping/hiking/outdoor life, let it be hiking boots! If your feet aren’t comfortable walking 5 km in your boots, you’ll never want to try a longer distances or multi-day hiking.  Here is a short and sweet post offering you my best advice for buying beginner hiking boots. What […]

Subsistence and survival: one photographer shows there’s more to Alaska than pretty landscapes

Social media is an incubator for trends, the latest of which being outdoor and adventure photography. Despite an infinite supply of outdoor landscapes available, certain locations come up more frequently than others. You’d be hard pressed to spend time on Instagram’s nature page without seeing a disproportionately high number of photos from locations such as […]

The reality of arctic tourism, as explained by the youngest explorer to the North Pole

Mikaela spoke with Tessum Weber, an accomplished polar explorer about life in the arctic and his family’s business Arctic Weber, the leading arctic tourism operator. As arctic travel gains popularity so too does its controversy, the most prevailing being its carbon inefficiency and sky high price tag. With blunt honesty and a touch of humour, […]

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