A Local’s Guide: Fun Things to Do in London Ontario

I spent both my high school and university days in the seemingly unremarkable town of London Ontario. At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything special about this place, but over time I slowly discovered London has much more than meets the eye. I’ve included it all in this comprehensive list of things to […]

Where to Stay in Banff and Lake Louise: Accommodations for any Budget

Banff National Park is one of those destinations that never gets old. I’ve made four visits to this dreamy town and every time I leave wanting more. Each visit I’ve stayed somewhere new, so at this point I’ve tried a lot of places – from the cheapest hostel to the most luxurious hotel fit for […]

For now, stay in. Then, go outside with all your might – the outdoor industry needs your support.

As coronavirus sweeps across the globe, countries have responded with varying degrees of lockdown. Here in Ontario, and much of the rest of Canada, all but essential services (grocery stores, pharmacies, some public transit) have been closed. The government has asked us not to visit friends and family, and stay at home as much as […]

Greetings from Kuwait, a sandy land of good food and better people

This post was written in early January while I was in Kuwait visiting my boyfriend’s family. Greetings from Ku-what? I won’t fault you if you’ve never heard of Kuwait, the small Arab country I have spent the last two weeks in. Until meeting my boyfriend, who was raised here, I’d never heard of it myself. Nestled […]

A Guide to Exploring Wanaka – New Zealand’s Outdoorsy Mountain Town

Having fun on a rope swing in Wanaka

Hi friends, Mikaela here. While meandering around the South Island of New Zealand, Wanaka was perhaps my favourite town I explored. I routinely day dream about buying a one way ticket and making this charming mountain town my permanent home (I scroll through farms for sale around Wanaka on the regular). Surprisingly, many visitors to […]

6 Best Throw Bags + How To Choose the Right One For You

Whitewater rescue paddler using throw bag

A throw bag is an essential piece of gear for any whitewater paddlers. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting – any activity that has people going through moving water. Since it’s a piece of safety equipment, it’s important to have a reliable, high quality throw bag that you know how to use and matches the trips you’ll be […]

Hiking Roys Peak for Sunrise: Is it worth the effort?

Beep. Beep. Beep. There are few things in the world I like as little as alarm clocks. For a moment I was tempted to snooze it, but then I remembered why I had scheduled it so early, and immediately I was alert. The sky outside was pitch black; my phone read 3:30 am. Today was […]

9 Best Women’s Leggings for Hiking in 2020

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little reluctant to start hiking in leggings. Isn’t that just for models on Instagram? But then I discovered that there were tons of outdoor brands making technical leggings specifically for hiking – with features like water resistance, articulated knees and patented fabrics – and my […]

8 Recipes to Make ~Not Boring~ Oatmeal on Camping Trips

I cannot count the number of times I’ve had oatmeal on a camping trip – over four summers of canoe guiding it must be in the hundreds now. And while I’m usually down for a classic bowl of oats, chocolate chips and brown sugar, sometimes you need a little variety (and a little nutrition). So […]

Connection in the cold: An autumn paddle on the Coulonge River

In all my years of canoe tripping, I had never paddled amidst the reds, yellows and oranges of a Precambrian Shield autumn. That changed this October, when I joined a five day canoe trip on the Coulonge River with nine new faces met through the Wilderness Canoe Association. In the weeks leading up to the […]

17 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Banff in the Winter

I know this will sound incredibly cliche, but is there any place more magical than Banff in the winter? The mountains and pine trees peak out from underneath a layer of snow; the crowds are present but much more manageable. Sure, many of the summer hikes aren’t available in the winter and you can’t exactly […]

Confronting our Romanticized Illusion of Wilderness

When I was studying in New Zealand, I wrote about the concept of wilderness for my Outdoor Adventure class. I had certain beliefs about wilderness – all positive – but to challenge myself, I chose to take it from the opposite perspective. I began studying the critics of wilderness and found myself agreeing with more […]

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