So you’re thinking of a trip to Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital city. In a territory as vast and sparsely populated as Nunavut, Iqaluit is a bit of a “New York of the North.” You’ll be surprised by the many ‘city’ features – like a huge recreation center, an Instagram-worthy coffee shop and a brewery – blended so casually with traditional arctic living and an expansive tundra surrounding it.

To make your planning easier, here is everything I know about hotels in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Note: I was a tour guide in Nunavut and stayed in staff accommodations throughout my stay. However, the guests I was leading stayed in these hotels and were always more than willing to share their feedback.

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Hotels in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Generally, there are four hotel options in Iqaluit (although only three I would recommend) plus a handful of Airbnbs.

1. Accommodations By The Sea

Accommodations By The Sea isn’t exactly a hotel, but a Bed & Breakfast in a residential neighbourhood. Although far from downtown, this option has something none of the others have:¬†Accommodations by the Sea has fantastic views of the bay. It’s a small operation with just a few rooms and you’ll be interacting with the friendly hosts directly. There isn’t a restaurant so you’ll need to take a long walk or a quick taxi to get downtown, however being a Bed & Breakfast, your first meal of the day is provided. Generally, Accommodations By The Sea is better priced for what you get than the alternative hotels.

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2. Frobisher Inn

Also known as ‘the Frobe’, The Frobisher Inn is a large 3-star hotel in the center of the city. Out of all the hotels in Iqaluit, The Frobisher Inn has the best location. It’s right in the city centre so you can easily walk to the grocery store, the visitor’s centre or the art museum. It has its own restaurant, which is good but a tad pricey (all food in the north is). Better yet, The Frobisher Inn houses The Storehouse – my favourite bar / pub in the town. It’s got pool tables and cozy decor and a really good burger. Also drinks. The rooms, or so I’m told, are perfectly comfortable but nothing to write home about.

Snowmobiling on the arctic ocean, outside Iqaluit Nunavut

3. The Discovery Lodge Hotel

Out of all the hotels in Iqaluit, I consider the Discovery to be the nicest. It’s a 3-star boutique hotel and, Leonardo DiCaprio stayed here when he came through Iqaluit after returning from the high arctic. If that isn’t a vote for the Disco I don’t know what is! The hotel is located slightly outside of the downtown core, but Iqaluit is so small it barely makes a difference. The Discovery also has its own restaurant, which is delicious and similarly priced to the Frobisher Inn. Although it is a small hotel, the Discovery apparently has the nicest rooms.

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Sunset behind tundra, taken in Iqaluit Nunavut

4. Capital Suites

In all honestly, I haven’t heard much about Capital Suites as we didn’t often book guests at this hotel. (Which maybe is feedback in and of itself.) Despite being only a 2-star hotel, it isn’t much cheaper than the Frobisher Inn or Accommodations by the Sea. It generally gets poor-decent reviews, so I don’t recommend staying here.

5. Airbnb

Last but not least, there are also a few Airbnb options in Iqaluit. These are limited and you definitely need to book well in advance. An Airbnb will be a bit cheaper than a hotel, but you will get access to a kitchen which will be cheaper than eating all your meals out.

Where to Stay in Iqaluit

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