Fleece Sweaters

There is nothing better than huddling beside a campfire in a cozy fleece sweater. Here are the best fleece sweaters I’ve worn. I’ve also included a pair of fleece pants at the bottom (they are insanely comfy).

Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket

This is my favourite fleece sweater (I have it in three styles!). The polyester knit is soft, wool-like and made from recycled fabrics. Sweater has a zippered arm pocket, two outer zippered pockets and two inner non-zippered pockets. Looks good at the campsite and in the city. It doesn't pack as small as the Lightweight Synchilla, so I typically bring that one on backpacking trips.

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Arc'teryx Covert Cardigan

This is the latest addition to my fleece collection. It's very similar to the Patagonia Better Sweater, but features laminated pockets and mesh along the front interior. The material is Alpenex II™ Heathered fleece and incredibly soft.

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The North Face TKA Glacier Snap-Neck Pullover

Honestly, there is very little difference between this and the Patagonia Synchilla (except this one is much cheaper). Made from 100% recycled content and very comfortable.

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The North Face TKA Glacier 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover

What I love about this fleece is how small it packs, making it great for summer backpacking. It's not super warm so, outside of July and August, I don't rely on it for warmth in the evening however it's a great layer for a little warmth during the day when I'm moving around and being active.

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Fleece Pants

Patagonia Women's Snap-T Fleece Pants

By far my favourite fleece pants ever. They're bulky, so I don't bring them on summer backpacking trips. But for spring / autumn or paddling trips, these are amazing to wear around the campfire.

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