To all the gear I've loved before, a poem by Mikaela of Voyageur Tripper


I hope you enjoyed this little poem I wrote about all my good-enough gear. But, this being the internet, I thought I should add a little disclaimer. High quality gear does have a purpose and when gear companies release a new-and-improved product, say better merino base layers, they aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes (pun intended). For elite adventurers, better gear can make a huge difference. I just don’t want amateur adventurers feeling a barrier to getting outside is their gear.

I also don’t want you to think you can go into the wilderness totally unprepared with inadequate gear. Garbage bags are never substitutes for rain jackets; please don’t wear flip flops on a hiking trail. The wilderness is unforgiving and unkind to the ill-prepared. Choose adventures that match your skill levels, and choose gear that match your adventures. Okay, that’s all from me.

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