Level Up Your Cooking with the Backcountry Cookbook

Or, you can download 6 sample pages here.

Learn how to prep and cook for longer camping trips

Learn how to make delicious & nutritious meals on longer backcountry trips. This cookbook is designed to help novice and intermediate backcountry campers cook meals on longer and more remote camping trips.

This cookbook goes over:

  • How to do a meal plan for long trips (including a sample meal plan)
  • Nutrition on long trips
  • Sample packing list & packing tips
  • How to dehydrate different types of food (including fruits, veggies, sauces and meat)
  • How to do dishes Leave-No-Trace style and keep animals away from your food
  • 35+ recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks & desserts

The Voyageur’s Backcountry Cookbook is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to prepare their own meals on longer camping trips. It includes many recipes, but also information on prepping, packing, cooking and cleaning up in the wilderness.

The Voyageur’s Backcountry Cookbook is a downloadable and printable PDF, meaning you can access the cookbook immediately after purchase.

If you’re not sure if this cookbook is right for you and your camping needs, you can download 6 sample pages here.


Mikaela, I am so impressed. This blew my expectations out of the water.

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Who am I and what’s this cookbook?

Hi, I’m Mikaela and thanks for your interest in my backcountry cookbook.

I’ve been camping for ten years now. My first trip was a 2 week canoe trip in Temagami, Ontario when I was 15 years old. My ‘food group’ consisted of me and two other girls and non of us had any cooking experience, let alone backcountry cooking experience. Needless to say, our food was awful.

But since then I’ve guided a dozen canoe trips of varying lengths, the longest being a four week paddle down the Missinaibi River. I regularly get out on my own for canoeing and hiking trips. Now I cook things like Thai Red Curry, Chilli with homemade Garlic Bread, Cinnamon Buns and more.

And I’ve written all my favourite recipes down in this cookbook for you.

Cooking Dinner for my Group while working as an Outdoor Adventure Guide on the Missinaibi River

I’ve also included a primer on how to plan & prep for for long camping trips. In this book, you’ll learn how to build a nutritious meal plan that matches your paddling route, how dehydrate different types of food, how to deal with dishes and clean up (so bears or racoons don’t steal your food).

Sample Pages

If you’re not sure if this cookbook is right for you and your camping needs, you can download 6 sample pages here.

About half the book is dedicated to general best practices in the backcountry: food preparation, cooking and clean up

There are tips meal planning (how to pack, how long fresh food keeps for, how to dehydrate different types of food). There are also tips for cooking (when to use a stove vs open fire, rehydrating food, making bread).

And of course, there are tons and tons of recipes!


Canoe Guiding on the Noire River