Top Canadian Travel Bloggers – The Best Blogs about Canada!

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While blogging doesn’t command the same popularity it did 10 years ago, they are still a valuable resource for planning upcoming trips – especially when you want excellent advice from first-hand experience. As a travel blogger and die-hard Canadian myself, I’ve had exposure to some phenomenal travel bloggers and their resourceful blogs about Canada. So today I thought I’d share a little insight into – what I consider to be – the best blogs in Canada and the people behind them.

So without further ado, here are my picks for the top 10 Canadian Travel Bloggers!

My Criteria For Choosing the Best Canadian Travel Bloggers

Engaging Content – The blog must go beyond run-of-the-mill listicles. While the occasional listicle is okay (this post right here is technically a listicle, after all), the best blogs about Canada need to have actual substance to them. That includes great photos (not just stock photos), in-depth content and an element of storytelling.

Updated Regularly – There are some great blogs that just aren’t updated anymore. If a blog isn’t putting out regular content (which to me is at least one – two new posts per month), then it’s left off the list.

Actual Bloggers – This list is specifically about Canadian Travel Bloggers. As such, I’ve left Youtubers and Instagrammers off the list.

Reach – While I don’t think followers and pageviews is an indicator of quality, I did consider the relative reach of the different Canadian travel blogs when deciding who I would feature.

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Top 10 Canadian Travel Bloggers

The Planet D

Best For: International Travel

Dave and Deb, the voices behind The Planet D, are easily the most famous Canadian Travel Bloggers out there. They’ve been travelling for more than 20 years and have been featured in National Geographic, Forbes and CNN. Their work has taken them all over the world and they share great articles about travelling to international destinations. However, they also have a ton of posts about travel within Canada (especially off-the-beaten places, which is why they’re one of my favourite blogs about Canada).

Happiest Outdoors

Best For: Outdoor Travel & Camping

Happiest Outdoors is a blog focused on outdoor travel. Taryn writes comprehensive guides about hiking and backpacking, with a special focus on her home province, beautiful British Columbia. In fact, she’s so knowledgeable on backpacking in BC that she just had her first book published: Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia. This is a great blog to read if travelling for you involves pitching a tent or lacing up hiking boots – she has a ton of tips on camping, gear and being your happiest, outdoors.

The Wandering Wagars

Best For: Traveling with Children

The Wandering Wagars is my recommended resource for anyone who travels with kids. Kevin, his wife and their two young boys have travelled all over the world (I think his kids had visited more countries before they started school than I’ve visited in my whole life). As such, there are tons of great tips for travelling with kids. The blog is a mix of posts about Canada and international destinations.

Justin Plus Lauren

Best For: Vegan + Eco-Conscious Travel

Justin Plus Lauren is definitely the kindest blog about Canada. Lauren, and her partner Justin, are all about kind travel – travel that incorporates veganism, eco-tourism and sustainability so they can avoid doing any harm to the places they visit. Another element to their blog is a focus on local travel and supporting small businesses, especially in Canada. This is just another reason Justin Plus Lauren is one of the most useful blogs about Canada.

Traveling Mitch

Best For: Travel Writing

Mitch of Travelling Mitch is definitely a storyteller. You’ll rarely find lists or “top things to do” posts on his website. Instead, you’re going to get plenty of prose on the history of a destination, the feel of the people and culture, the taste of the craft beer. He’s very likely one of the best Canadian travel writers, and you can find his work in a lot of other online publications.

Hopscotch The Globe

Best For: Blog Aesthetic

Honestly, the thing I love most about Hopscotch the Globe is their beautiful website. It is so lovely to look at – the photos all match the perfect colour palette and there are custom graphics that make the blog look one-of-a-kind. Oh, and they have great content too. Kristin is a very authentic writer and shares her experience in off-the-beaten-path travel – like spending a month in an eco-community or living in an Airstream.

The Traveling Canucks

Best For: Traveling with Kids

The Traveling Canucks is another great blog about Canada and travelling with kids. As the name would suggest, Cam and Nicole are from British Columbia, and as a result, they write about BC a ton (I actually referenced their blog a lot when I first moved to Vancouver). Their blog has a lot of destination guides specifically for those travelling with kids, and there is a lot of advice and recommendations for parents who are new to travelling with their kids.

Off Track Travel

Best For: Working Holidays

Off Track Travel is a great blog about getting outside in Canada. Gemma and JR travel across Canada and primarily write about outdoor travel activities, like kayaking, hiking and road tripping. In addition to outdoor travel, they also write about Working Holidays, having taken six working holidays in four different countries, and moving to Canada as an expat. There’s a ton of useful resources on this blog, making Gemma and JR two of the best Canada travel bloggers.

Canoeing on George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park

Bonus: Voyageur Tripper

Best For: Outdoor Adventure Travel

Obviously, it’d be too cheeky for me to include my own blog in a roundup of the best blogs in Canada. But in case you’re just stumbling upon this blog for the first time… Hi! I’m Mikaela and this is Voyageur Tripper, a blog dedicated to outdoor adventure (mostly in Canada). I’m a Canadian travel blogger who writes exclusively about the outdoors – hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, eco-lodges and the ~occasional~ nature-themed city guide. I used to work as a wilderness guide, so I also write a lot about travel in the backcountry and how to do it safely and comfortably. You can read more about me here.

The Best Blogs in Canada – Final Thoughts

So those are my picks for the best Canadian travel bloggers. It definitely does feel like so much of the focus is on social media (specifically Instagram) and Youtube, so blogging and bloggers aren’t in the limelight as much as they used to be. But I still love long form content and reading recommendations from real people (and not Trip Advisor), so I’m glad we have so many amazing bloggers to keep it all going.

I’d be interested in your favourite blogs about Canada. Any that I left off the list? Who do you recommend? Let me know in the comments.


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