An hour outside Toronto you will find Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, the perfect destination for an afternoon hike and city escape. Take in a view of deciduous forest from the lookout point or walk between towering canyon walls. In this post you will find all the information to make a trip out to Mono Cliffs yourself.

How do you get to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park?

The primary way to get to Mono Cliffs is to drive yourself. Search “Mono Cliffs Provincial Park” on Google Maps and it will take you to the parking lot located on the east side of the park. If you don’t have access to a car, Parkbus offers a shuttle service from downtown Toronto on select weekends.

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Do you need permits at Mono Cliffs?

No permits are required, but you will need to pay for parking. Check the Ontario Parks website for details, as pricing is subject to change.

What is there to do at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park?

Ah, the good stuff. You come to Mono Cliffs to do some day hiking. There are 20 km of trails for you to choose between. Most of them are relatively flat, through a few have some steep sections. However you won’t be rock scrambling or traversing cliffs, meaning it’s suitable for new hikers, kids and dogs.

The two popular hikes are the Cliff-Top Side Trail and the Lookout Trail. There are trail markers throughout the park, so you only need to know which trails you want to hike in order to navigate the park.

Tip: There’s a trail map near the beginning. Take a photo of it for reference. (I’ve also included it below).

Another thing to do (though not in the park itself but outside of it) is this quaint antique store. I can’t find it on Google Maps, but if you follow Google Maps’ directions to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, it will be on your left hand side, about a kilometer or two from the park entrance. Keep your eyes open for a bright yellow barn, visible from the road.

Can you camp at Mono Cliffs?

Mono Cliffs is a provincial park for day use only, meaning there is no camping available at the park.

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