Technically, I’m an outdoor adventure blogger, but if I was to start it all again I’d seriously consider becoming a Lululemon blogger specifically. Even since fourth grade, when I made my mom drive us 3 hours to Ann Arbour Michigan to go to Lululemon, I’ve been a tad obsessed.

It’s the only store I must to go into every time I walk by. When I need something, my first thought is always “Can I get this at Lululemon?”. And I am not exaggerating when I say 25% of my wardrobe is Lululemon. I’ve tried all their best clothing, and I’ve also tried some of the duds.

So today I’m going to share with you the absolutely best Lululemon clothing I’ve tried and what I most strongly recommend. These are the versatile pieces that work for multiple active activities, but look cute enough to wear casually too.

Note: Unless stated otherwise, I have personally owned every single product on this recommendation list.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is much appreciated! You can learn more by reading my full disclosure.

Best Lululemon Leggings

I’ve tried a dozen different types of Lululemon leggings over the years and I’ve arrived at the single pair I will forever buy: the Fast and Free.

Fast and Free

These are my favourite pair of leggings I’ve ever owned from Lululemon (I now own three identical pairs of them).

For starters, the Nulux fabric is the best fabric Lulu has come up with, in my opinion. It wicks sweat nicely while keeping you cool. It’s lightweight, yet very durable. Each thigh has a pocket, which I need for holding my phone / credit card while hiking and weight training.

Also, the Fast and Free are one of the top hiking leggings I recommend.

Check ’em out now: Fast and Free

What about the Wunder Under and Align?

I believe the Wunder Under is currently the most popular pair of Lululemon leggings. They’re great – very soft to touch and nearly seamless – however I find the style far too tight and constricting (even going up two sizes, they still feel too tight). I also find they hold onto moisture, despite being marketed as “sweat-wicking”, so in a hot yoga class I end up feeling extra sweaty.

I like the Align Pant a lot more. Made from Nulu fabric, the leggings are super soft and slim fitting, however I don’t find them as restrictive as the Wunder Under. However, I still prefer the Fast and Free because they have the thigh pockets.

Should I make a Lululemon blog post doing a more thorough comparison of the three styles?

Best Lululemon Pants

Dance Studio Pant III

There’s a reason the Dance Studio Pant has been a staple in Lululemon stores season after season – It’s once of the best pairs of pants they’ve made.

I’ve worn these pants for weightlifting in the gym and on hikes. I also wear them casually when I’m not in the mood for something as tight as Lululemon leggings.

The material has excellent stretch without being form fitting, however I wouldn’t recommend these pants for a hot vinyasa class. They don’t have the same degree of mobility as leggings (especially around the crotch) and the waistband gets really sweaty in the heat.

Check ’em out now: Dance Studio Pant III

Dance Studio Crop

This is the cropped version of the pants above. I prefer the cropped version when in the summer – especially if I have cute sneakers on. All of the commentary on the above holds true for these pants, however I don’t take them hiking because I don’t like my ankles being exposed like that.

Check ’em out now: Dance Studio Crop

Best Lululemon Shorts

Tracker Short V and Hotty Hot Short II (Long) 4″

I’m putting these two shorts together because, although I own both, I can barely tell the difference between them. These are by far my favourite athletic shorts I’ve ever owned.

Both of these short were specifically designed for running, however I’ve found them to be suitable on hikes and weight lifting as well. They each have built-in liners, small secret pockets and a continuous drawstring.

Note: Both shorts are available in 2.5″ and 4″ lengths. I find the longer length to be more comfortable because they don’t ride up. I previously owned the 2.5″ version of the Hotty Hot and found them to be WAY too short (especially when squatting or stretching).

The biggest difference is that the Hotty Hot Short II (Long) has a little mesh on the sides, while the Tracker Short V does not.

Check ’em out: Tracker Short V and Hotty Hot Short II (Long)

Align Short

As far as yoga tights go, you can’t beat the Align Short.

It comes in a variety of lengths depending on what activity you’ll be using it for. Yogis will prefer the shortest option – the Align Short 4″. However bikers will find the longer versions – the Align Short 6″ or Align Short 8″ – more suitable. Weight lifters will vary.

One thing to note: if your thighs are on the bigger side (like me), I recommend going for a longer version even if you’ll be using it for yoga or weight training. I had the Align Short 4″ and found the would ride up constantly, and my thighs would rub together uncomfortably when running. The Align Short 6″ has been way better.

Check ’em out: Align Short 4″ and Align Short “6

Bonus: Pace Rival Mid Rise Skirt

I really like this skirt. It was originally designed for tennis, but I like to wear it casually in the summer – especially if there’s a chance I’ll be biking or active and want something I can move around in. I’ve also worn it to the gym, though it isn’t ac comfortable as shorts.

Check ’em out: Pace Rival Mid Rise Skirt

Best Lululemon Tank Tops

I typically don’t buy the tight Lululemon tank tops (unless I find them second hand at a great price – see below). This is because in a hot yoga class, I only wear a sports bra. In the gym, I prefer looser fitting shirts paired with leggings. So my top recommendations are both loose fitting tank tops.

Sculpt Tank

I love the Sculpt Tank for weight lifting and outdoor hikes. The material is a little more synthetic feeling and not as soft as some of Lululemon’s other shirts, however this makes it very fast-drying (and it doesn’t show sweat stains easily, at least on the blue one I have).

The relaxed fit around the waist makes it comfortable for moving around, especially if you do exercises that involved twisting). Plus, it looks super cute. The flattering cut seems to emphasize shoulder muscle definition. 10/20.

Check it out: Sculpt Tank

Swiftly Breathe Muscle Tank

I also love the Swiftly Breathe Muscle Tank, though this one does fit a little funny if you have wide hips. The major benefits of this shirt is that is has minimal seams to avoid chaffing and is sweat-wicking while still being soft to touch.

My only issue with it is that it’s a very straight cut from the waist to the hips. If you have narrow hips, that’s totally fine. But if you’re like me and have wide hips, if can sometimes rise up above the hip bones when exercising. Not a big deal, but something to be mindful of.

Check it out: Swiftly Breathe Muscle Tank

Best Lululemon T-shirts

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve

The should be a staple in everyone’s athletic clothing wardrobe. While Lululemon has since come out with lots of cute & fancy workout tops (with cut outs, crops, twisty pieces and whatnot) there’s something wonderful in the simplicity of the Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve.

It’s exceptionally breathable, moisture-wicking and overall extremely comfortable. I especially like that it’s slim fitting but not overly tight. And the shirt features Silverescent, a patented fabric that prevents odour-causing bacteria from growing and making you smell.

When they say the Swift Tech T-Shirt is odour resistant, they mean it. I wore this t-shirt almost every day for a 25 day camping trip (see pic below) and it didn’t start smelling until day 7. After that, all I had to do was give it a good rinse in the river and it was back to smelling neutral.

Best Lululemon Long Sleeve Shirts

Three of my four favourite Lululemon long sleeve shirts have been discontinued unfortunately, so I’ll only recommend this one for now. I’ve ordered a couple new shirts though and will update this list if any of them stand out as amazing.

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Basically everything I said above about the Swift Tech Short Sleeve holds through for the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve. Excellent odour resistance, plus it’s a very comfortable material and super versatile. (I’m actually wearing this shirt as I type this.)

One thing I love that they’ve done with this shirt is improve the thumbs holes. I don’t like the thumb holes being visible when I’m not using them – especially if I’m wearing the shirt casually, and the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve hides the thumb holes really well.

Check it out: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Top Tips from a Wannabe Lululemon Blogger

Save Money by Shopping Second Hand

While you’re unlikely to find quality Lululemon at thrift stores, you can find it at vintage and consignment stores.

I live in the Vancouver BC area (where Lululemon is headquartered) are there are a few places I’ve found to reliably sell Lululemon.

Turntable – This is an upscale / designer second hand store for women with a few locations throughout Vancouver. They sell a ton of high quality Lululemon clothing – some of their items still have the original tags on – and most of the styles are very recent.

Upcycle Clothing Collective – This is a mid-upscale second hand store in Victoria BC with a focus on bohemian / minimalist / modern style. They keep all the Lululemon products on their own rack and there’s typically 20 – 40 items. The items are very good quality, with little wear and tear.

Plato’s Closet – Located throughout Canada, this is a lower end second hand store. It always has lots of Lululemon, however the styles tend to be older and the quality isn’t nearly as good (expect pilling and some colour fading), however I occasionally find hidden gems.

I recommend checking out any vintage, upscale thrift or consignment stores in your area. There are also Lulu-specific Facebook marketplaces and Posh Mart tends to have a lot of Lululemon, but I’ve found the quality to be hit or miss in these cases.

Get Friendly with the Lululemon Educators

The Lululemon Educators know the products really well – I have several friends who work at Lulu and it’s amazing how much they know about every obscure shirt or limited edition legging.

If you need something specific – say, leggings that are good for running in the rain – let them know. They’ll be able to recommend something specific to your needs.

And for my fellow short people, don’t forget that Lululemon does free hemming!

If Something Breaks, Get It Replaced

While the quality of Lululemon is far superior to any other athletic brand I’ve ever tried, every so often something goes wrong.

For example, before I had the Fast and Free, I wrote the discontinued All the Right Places leggings. These were fantastic, but after ~2 months they developed a hole in the seam along the inner thigh. I did not spend $138 + tax for a hole in the thigh! Thankfully, I simply brought them into Lululemon and they replaced them on the spot.

If something like this happens to you, go to the store and let them know! Sometimes it’s something they can fix, however most of the time they’ll just replace the clothing. Oh and always save your receipts!

Note: This only works if you take good care of your clothing. Follow washing instructions, keep the clothing hanging or folded and be kind. Lulu won’t replace items for natural wear-and-tear, so if there’s an issue with an item but you clearly don’t treat your clothing well, it’s hard to say whether it’s your fault or Lulu’s.

Recommendations from a Wannabe Lululemon Blogger: Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in determining what Lululemon clothing to order next. I’m thinking I’ll do a few in-depth Lululemon blog posts on specific products – like the Fast and Free leggings and the Swiftly Tech series. Let me know if that would be helpful!

Hiking in Lululemon Leggings

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