As a content creator for outdoor education materials, the trust of readers is most important to me. Thus, I feel it’s necessary to fully disclose the brands, outfitters and business within whom I have a financial relationship.

I only choose to work with companies that I have personal experience with and whose values align with my own. For this reason, in addition to disclosing who I work with, I also disclose my experience / relationship with them. I hope this page reassures you that when I make a paid endorsement, it is only because I truly believe in the company.

My Sponsors: Past and Present

MHO Adventures

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About MHO Adventures

MHO Adventures is a guiding company based in Huntsville, Ontario. It is owned by Erin Pehar, who I’ve become friends with over the past few months. MHO Adventures runs guided canoe trips throughout Ontario and Quebec, including trips in my favourite areas, like the Missinaibi River, Killarney and the Noire River. They are a fantastic outfitter and I love working with them.

My Relationship with MHO Adventures

I was first introduced to MHO Adventures in 2017 when I had friends guiding for the company. In April 2020 I wrote a blog post for the MHO Adventures website (for free). In July 2020 my dad, my brother and I joined an MHO trip on the Petawawa River. We paid for our trip in full and I wrote a blog post about it afterwards (for this post I received no financial compensation).

In December 2020, I approached MHO Adventures to put some paid advertising on a few blog posts and collaborate with them on a sponsored blog post. I’ve since become friends with the owner, Erin, who has been tremendously helpful in helping me plan my own trips and finding canoe trips for my family (my dad is going on two more MHO trips this summer!).

Posts where I’ve endorsed MHO Adventures

Trip Shed

About Trip Shed

Trip Shed is guiding company founded by Aaron and Alex Savatti, two brothers from Toronto. Their canoe trips are rooted in outdoor education, ensuring that participants learn the skills they need to safely take their own camping trips.

My Relationship with Trip Shed

I became internet friends with Aaron and Alex in early 2019, back when Trip Shed was just getting off the ground. Since then the company has grown, offering more guided trips and a ‘gear shed’ for finding high quality outdoor gear.

I haven’t personally attended any of Trip Shed’s guided trips, though I know enough about the trips and Trip Shed’s guiding philosophy to know they are a great option for anyone new to canoe camping.

Trip Shed doesn’t do any paid advertising on the website, however they have provided my readers with a discount code – VOYAGEUR5 – in order to receive 5% off all guided trips. I earn a small commission on any bookings made through the discount code.

Posts where I’ve endorsed Trip Shed